Monday, July 10, 2006

Why do we sin?

Why do we sin? Most of you are already ready to flip to another article since just reading the title you are saying to yourself "This doesn't apply to me, I am a Christian". Wait a minute, do you mean to say that as a Christian we do not sin? Dear Christian Brother or Sister this article was written for you.

1Jo 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 10 If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His Word is not in us.

I do not think there are many Christians in the world today that would say that they never sin. There are of course a few that claim it, yet I would be hard pressed to see such a man or woman of God that kept their heart perfectly pure, their flesh perfectly crucified, and always loved the Lord God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength and their neighbor as themselves 100% of the time. Well then why do we fall to it? Most of the time it is simply a matter of pride. We think we have it figured out better than the Lord, try to manage our lives ourselves, and subsequently screw it up and fall to one sort of sin or another. It is part of our flesh, temptation, the world, and the devil trying to drag us away from God. If we took an anonymous poll I am sure we would see this to be true, although few professing Christians would probably publicly admit it.

I will be the first to admit that I do indeed fall to sin. I stumble, fall, get dragged into the pit, and even sometimes get so depressed about it that I grab a shovel and start digging the pit deeper! It is in these times that I know full well that I am going against what our Creator wants me to do and instead do what I want to do. It is only when I come to my senses and realize that I have sinned do I come humbly before my Lord, beg for His forgiveness, and turn back on to the path towards Him. Why do we sin? Because it is pleasurable for a season. Because we want to run our lives. Because we want to be comfortable and happy with our lives.

What is sin? Sin is simply disobeying God. I won't go into particulars, it is well documented in this blog, that lying and stealing and such acts go against God and the conscience He has given us and is sin. When we look at the original sin of Adam what do we find? He simply disobeyed God. God said do not eat of the tree, Adam thought he knew what he was doing when Eve offered the fruit, and disobeyed God. He didn't lie, he didn't steal, he didn't blaspheme the Lord, he just simply disobeyed.

There are two types of sin talked about in the Bible, the sin of commission and the sin of omission. The sins of commission are easy to spot, just a few are noted above, and are usually plainly spelled out in the Bible. The sin of omission is one most Christians don't like to talk about.

Jam 4:17 Therefore to him who knows to do good, and does not do it, to him it is sin.

In other words, if there is something we know we are supposed to do, but don't do it, it is also sin. Tithing is something we are supposed to do, yet so few people do it, why? Because when you boil it down they want to use the money for their own pleasure, they want to use it on themselves, and they want to use it to make themselves more comfortable. They believe they know how to manage their money better than God and simply disobey, and sin in the process.

Bible reading is yet another. How many professing Christians can say they read their bible without fail daily? Yet the Word says we should meditate on His laws day and night that we do not live on bread alone but by every Word of God. Yet how many would rather enjoy the pleasures of TV or a movie, how many don't have time for it, and how many simply think they know everything that is in there? They believe they know better how to manage their time and intake of knowledge and simply disobey, and sin in the process.

I know some folks are reading and were getting a little nervous but put up a little smile after they read those simply because they do them. If you do then praise the Lord and continue to do what you are doing! I have one more to throw at you however.

What about sharing your faith? How many professing Christians can say they actively share their faith? A poll by Bill Bright says only 2% actively share their faith. Yet saints this is something we are supposed to be doing. We should be a light on a hill yet we seem to be a dead flashlight in the cupboard! Why don't we do it? Because it is hard to do, because someone might think we are a lunatic, because we shouldn't push that on someone, and because it is just plain uncomfortable for us. We choose our own comfort over God's commands and commit a sin of omission by not doing it.

Joh 14:15 If you love Me, keep My commandments.

My dear friends, brother and sisters in Christ Jesus, if you find yourself today in the sins of commission or omission do not despair. Come before the throne of the Most High and cast yourself on His mercy. Then get up and repent. Don't simply feel bad because you do or don't do something but do something about it. Call on His strength because only in Him can we live a holy life. There is nothing in us that can beat sin, but, we can choose not to and allow Him to give us the victory by working in us. Friend whatever your sin may be look to your Rock and Refuge to give you strength and do what you must do to finish the race that has been put before you.

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